Tuesday, 19 June 2012

One-a-Day Granny Cowl Scarf

A couple of us got together to knit/crochet a few things as part of the Knit-in-Public-Week thingey. The plan was to donate what we made to the school, to use as and where required.   So my contribution was this granny cowl, inspired by the lovely cowls Alice hooked down downer under in NZ

...and this beanie (which I promptly decided to keep for myself, and I donated another one that I bought new!). It's the first time a beanie fits nicely over my huge head, it covers my ears, and will be perfect for our December holiday venture up north to where it is very cold and wet.

I started thus with my own granny cowl, to match said beanie.  I will hook 7 squares, of 6 rounds each, using the colours in the beanie, but replacing the light blue with this denim blue:

The plan is to make one every day, as it goes so quickly, and next week I should be able to show off my granny cowl.

And then, some of you might ask...what happened to The Great Romany Blanket, that was going to be finished in time for winter??

Ah, yes...I'm still working on it...albeit very slowly...23 rows so far, and 23 chains.

I got a bit side-tracked.

But One-a-Day will again provide the needed momentum, so here I go!

In the meantime, have a cappucino and hook away :

 If you would like to participate in One-a-Day, please link your project in the Tuesday's Tallies at Carole's blog, Gingerbread Girl.


Monica Buys said...

Hallo Stel!

So lekker om 'n Afrikaanse blog raak te loop of sĂȘ mens raak te click ;)
Love jou hekelwerk en sal baie terugkom om te kom kuier en te sien waarmee jy besig is. Jou serpie en beanie is supercool! Like ook die wol en kleurkombinasies wat jy gebruik.

Lekker dag!

Anonymous said...

Love the beanie, colours are lush. I look forward to seeing the cowl next week.
The blanket looks lovely and warm and colours are full of warmth too.

HillyT said...

Lovely work, I love the colours you have used, very warm.

Mlissabeth said...

i love the colors in all of your projects. They look so nice. The Romany blanket will be warm and cozy when finished.

susanm said...

Love your projects. Always have some small project on the side. hehehehe we all seem to have that.

Danielle ~ A Stash Addict said...

What awesome colourful projects!!:D

Natasja said...

Love love love the romany blanket!

karisma said...

I absolutely LOVE both the cowl and the hat. Great colours.

Carole said...

Lovely projects, I don't blame you for keeping the hat, it's lovely.

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Im hearing a lot about the one a day thing. I might have to look in to that.

Cowl is great. Do you just join in a circle?


Stel said...

Thanks to all for you kind comments.
You could just join in a circle Tina - a friend just finished a cowl by starting with 80 stitches and then continuing in the round until it was high enough. I'm making mine with 7 granny squares that I just join to form a loop, then add another granny stripe border all round, and it will go twice around my neck .

Lynne said...

Hi! Came over for a visit from Cozy Things. I am enjoying your blog and crochet.