Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A hat for Gené

I don't usually like to copy a pattern that is raging through Blogland...ok, except for the Neat Ripple that I always want to hook!  So even though beautiful,  no wall flower hangings, or owls etc. was going to be hooked here.  But then I saw my friend Gené the other day, and she's undergoing chemo, starting to lose some hair, and Lucy's hat was relatively recently posted...so I offered a hat.

I still had some lovely soft Vinni's stashed. She preferred the cotton (Vinnis Nikkim), which was a good choice, I think. The hat looks more floppy than Lucy's, but it had to be very soft and comfortable.  'Khaki'  must be one of my absolute favourite Nikkim colours, I love the subtle variation in the hand-dye.

Ek hou gewoonlik nie daarvan om 'n patroon te doen wat die gier van die oomblik is in Blog-land nie...maar Lucy se hoedjie was 'n uitsondering toe ek iets wou maak vir vriendin Gené.  Sy is tans besig met chemoterapie en wil nie 'n pruik kry nie, daarom wou ek haar 'n mooi hoedjie gee. 
Gelukkig lê daar hope Vinnis in die kas rond. Sy het die Nikkim-katoen bo die bamboes verkies, 'n goeie keuse omdat dit lekker sag is.  Die 'Khaki' is seker een van my gunsteling Nikkim-kleure. 

One soft, floppy hat done

The flowers are the Pointy Petal flower of Crochet with Raymond and the leaves are Lucy's.  I used Vinnis Serina (bamboo).
Die blompatroon is die  Pointy Petal flower van Crochet with Raymond en die blare is van  Lucy. Vir beide het ek Vinnis Serina (bamboes) gebruik.

Two flowers to brighten it up

I like the hat. Hope it fits!  
Shall I try a wintry one as well? 
Here I'm parading it at our regular Craft Share get-together (more about that in a next post)

Craft Sharing

Ek hou van die hoedjie.  Hoop dit pas!
Dink ek moet 'n winter-ene ook probeer...
En hier poseer ek ewe by ons laaste Craft Share.

Ed.  It does fit and totally matches her eyes :-)


karisma said...

Beautiful hat. Beautiful YOU! Yes you should make a wintery one too. ;-) Hugs to you and your friend. Hope everything goes smoothly for her. xoxox

Brenda said...

The mix of colours are beautiful!

Gerlene said...

Very pretty hat, truely pretty! I might try this myself.

Stel said...

Thanks you :-) Yes, I will definitely go for a wintry one. Might start with a slightly wider circle, though.

Gerlene said...

Gene looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! You are such a neat crocheter!

Thought I'd pop over to say hello, and say hi to your sister Gerlene too! Your blog is lovely (and I adore your header pic too!) xx

Stel said...

Thanks Tina - hope the hens are doing well :-)