Saturday, 9 March 2013

A morning at the markets

When  my eldest was a baby, we'd be up very early Saturday mornings (well, every morning).  What to do at 05h00 on a Saturday?  You go to the market, of course.  

Pretoria has quite a few markets, catering to the needs and wants of most everybody in town.  One of the most popular, and the place where can usually be found on a Saturday, is the Pretoria Farmer's Market (and here). It starts very early in the can have your breakfast and fresh coffee at 05h00, with the birds.  Even in winter, when it's still dark, people will be there with headlamps, warming their hands around the fires.    You'd want to go early - by 10h00 everything is over and from 09h00 you'd be lucky to still get food.  

This morning, we were a bit late, but still had a good start to the day...

Chicken and venison for later today
(Had my breakfast pie here, as well).

A favourite - ginger, coffee and vanilla biscuits

Two strings of beads to use as Plan C for handles for a handbag I hooked

Old crochet books for Ons Hekel

Recycled tin candlesticks to use outside

Fresh honey for my husband

Ooh he sneaked in something for coffee time!

Marinated goat's feta, olives and sundried tomato

And a lazy Saturday morning wouldn't be complete without a quick pitstop to Bellbottoms (and here)...

Just unpacked, just for me!

 Roll on two weeks, when my sis arrives from Ireland and come to the market directly from the airport!
What better way to stretch your legs after 11 hours in the air - in the South African sunshine with coffee and a vetkoek ready.


Rajeswari said...

Wow this place you live seems to be in heaven! All this at 5 in the morning? Awesome...great post and waiting to see the bag you have hooked :)

Stel said...

What can I say - South Africa in summer! You wake up because it's so hot! Hoping for autumn weather soon.

Gerlene said...

I'm drooling. Daai koppies lyk baie na so mooi. Ons moet rooibostee drink daaruit. Great minds think alike. We also bought pies at a market for lunch later. Ken had Beef and Guinness and I had chicken and mushroom (the vegetables and goats cheese was already sold out).

Julia said...

ek hou van elke liewe foto se goed ... ;)