Friday, 22 March 2013

Holiday Hooking

Today my sis will depart from icy-cold, rainy, stormy Ireland and pitstop in London on her way to still-hot South Africa. We'll spend some time in the bushveld, some in the city, but most at the beach.

Some hooky might go along:

Yarn to compete a flowery scarf for a dear friend returning to Germany after many years here:
(Vinnis Serina and one ball of One of a Kind 4ply cotton)

Not sure about the variegated yet

Trying out a shawl pattern:

Supersoft chunky cotton with Rowan Tweed

Maybe the other scarf pattern as well...

Two strands of bamboo together

Using stash to finish some beanies

The variegated might be knitted

What about the mobile hooking-while-sitting-next-to-the-swimming-pool-and-outside-kung-fu-and-at-the-school-gate-project?

If you're thinking "Plan E"you might be right :-)
Oh shoot, it's taken upside down!

PS - They just landed in London after circling for 30 minutes.

Roll on tomorrow.


Elisabeth Andree said...

Pretty pictures of beautiful yarn, such a pleasure for the eyes:)

Janine said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely, enjoy!! Looking forward to seeing what all you crochet!

Haafner said...

Very pretty pictures! Yarn love...
Have fun with your sister!
(Unfortunately no signs of appaoching beach weather yet in this part of the world...)