Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Everyday 4 - Egoli

I drive by this informal settlement every time while on holiday at our little beach house.

"Powertown"is located adjacent to Klein Brakrivier, its residents either unemployed or working in one the beach villages. It started as a squatter camp, it's now a permanent informal township. The more affluent neighbours don't want it here, but they want the labour.

Amidst these circumstances, the residents live their lives.  This little house always stand out to me.  The garden is tended, vegetables planted, a fruit tree or two...and there's always flowers on the outside table.

Egoli in Powertown

And they named their house "Egoli"*.  Dreams of gold?

(*Sotho for " place of gold")


Brenda said...

Or maybe they found their own 'place of gold'...

Julia said...

ahhh, so cool ..!!

Kashi said...

Nice spot of color too. Nice.

Elisabeth Andree said...

A little place on this planet, Brenda's description is pretty: their own 'place of gold'.