Thursday, 18 July 2013

67 minutes - Madiba 95

Last year I wrote about Mandela Day, and what I did with my 67 minutes of community service.

Regarding the homeless man, I must sadly report that he is still there, just moved around the corner now, and spends his days sitting on the sidewalk, sleeping, or drinking beer (he sells what ever he gets, and buy beer from the liquor store on the opposite corner).

So my beanie this year won't go to him.

I met two friends in a local coffee shop, and we hooked beanies for various purposes.  Mine will start a second stash that I will donate at some stage, most likely to a hospital.  The first stash  was donated to Operation Winter Hope .

Happy Birthday, Madiba. 

Cappo by my best barista, MX, at Pure Café.
Crumbs of a Two Nut Chocolate Torte in the background :-)

Newspapers, radio and tv were wishing him well since early this morning, with reports flooding of variuos community service projects people are doing today, from coocking and serving food at old-age homes, to learning a domestic worker to knit!

"Tata" being a respectful way of referring to an elder.  

Will update on interest projects reported!


Alessandra said...

you are a sweet girl!
xxxx Ale

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