Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Meanwhile, a wedding yarn bomb

In the absence of anything being completed in the vastness that is my WIP-collection, some ladies at my group Ons Hekel came to my rescue with a beautiful topic for today:

A friend of theirs runs a wedding venue Tsekama, a private game reserve near Modimolle and she wanted a nice, new background for wedding photos - so what better than a yarn bomb?

How pretty is this?

Gerda, Mara, Henta and Estelle started hooking...72 motifs and 80 x 100g Elle Cotton On later, they finished 2m from ground level.

And they didn't even use specific patterns - they hooked from the heart and improvised as they went along. 

Well done ladies - we're looking for a photo with a bridal couple now!

Is that a nyala ewe hiding in the upper right-hand corner?

Yes, even though we don't really have lions and elephant roaming the streets in South Africa, often you'd find a nearly-tame buck or two roaming near the accommodation in reserves.

Interesting fact - the njala provides the dividing line between smaller and larger antelope species: the female is called a ewe (as in all smaller species), while the male is called a bull (as in all larger species) and not a ram.
When in SA, drop that fact oh, so casually before the game ranger can do that :-)

Thanks to Gerda Grobler, who provided the photos


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

If I were getting married I'd be there like a shot ... it's a gorgeous bit of yarn bombing!

Cornel Strydom said...

Dis verskriklik koel!
So mooi in wit!!!
C x

Gerlene said...

Welgedaan dames, so mooi. En dankie vir die inligting oor ramme en bulle, Christelle, ek het dit nie geweet nie. Ek leer elke dag meer, nou die dag weer oor "heffers", wat is die ekwivalent in Afrikaans vir heffers?

Stel said...

Heifer = "vers". Female that hasn't calved yet.

Daria said...

This is so beautiful, I have never heard of yarn bombing. I love spotting the nyala in the trees. I have been on safari twice, and am awestruck at the beauty of the animals. Thanks for sharing.