Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hooking and holidaying

At last, it was the winter holiday, but alas, no winter!

I love the winter holidays.  Three weeks of lying* in, or early-morning walks in crisp-cold air, hearty soup, my gran's souskluitjies, big, roaring bonfires in the evening, a hunting weekend-or two.   

A quick drive to do some bass-fishing and have a quick braai, just 25 min from home. 
I just made the fire and hooked a beanie:

We're experiencing a very warm winter.  Every morning I hopefully dress up with something warm and a scarf, only to discard most layers by lunchtime.  So it was with high hopes that I packed for the usual visit to the grandparents and, hopefully, winter rain.

But no, we hit the southern Cape in the midst of bergwind conditions, making the days ideal to spend on the beach, but no snuggling! But I did get to catch up on the smaller hooking projects:

At 1o'clock - Attemp numero 5 of the mezzaluna shawl.  Note: sit down in quiet with an hour or more at a time to work o this one.  Count.  Mark with highlighter. 
Half past four - working with Karoo Moon handspun merino on the beach.  It became a lacy cowl for MIL.
Six: Graceful Shells poncho for me, also with Karoo Moon handspun merino...and then I didn't have enough!!I'll need at least two more balls.
Half past seven: The beginning of a flowery scarf at a local road stall.  The breakfast was great.  The flowery scarf became a baby beanie later.
Eleven o'clock - The Great Romany Blanket came out of hibernation!  It grew with 10 rows.  I must sit down more with this one.

There was time for a little driving around and looking at the latest  at some of my favourite stops - Smitswinkel Farmstall, offering colourful granny blankets for the first time!
And De Dekke Antiques had this purple throw among piles of white tablecloths, a steal @ R390.  Depending on the day anything between 35-40 euro.

I took the boys to a small history museum in Hartenbos, and while they were fascinated by the Great Trek exhibits and the gun room, I marvelled at some very old examples of lovely hooking - a nighty and a beautiful table cloth (compare with Haafner's latest! Similar solid square with bobbles, the other way round.)

Also had a second look at the linen in Hartenbos sis and I will both hook a blanket for this room, and chose Elle Pure Gold colours based on these pillow covers and the stripey mat.  It is a secret CAL between us, she's already started but I've just decided what pattern to use...

And then rained, on the day we went home :-(

But all hope was not lost, as we were on route for a weekend in the highlands.
(South Africa's mos a world in one country; we do fly fishing in our own Highlands while staying in a mini-Grand Canyon)

During the day it was warm enough to fish, play in the river, paddle-boat and canoe, and by late afternoon it cooled down enough for a little port with my hooking.  By evening I stoked the fire to read read and read while The Dad did the braai.

All in all, a great rest, with good enough progress on various WIP's and plans.  

Still waiting for a good cold front, though.

* Show me the second language English speaker that doesn't at some stage confuse the lays/lies!  Again I had to make sure.  You'd think by age 42 I would remember. 
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Zelda de Kock said...

Ek geniet jou blog vreeslik baie Christelle! Ons eie Lucy!

Natas Nest said...

Wow, super holidays full of hooky time!! Thanks for the great photos & enjoy the days! By the way it's funny to read about winter while we're transpiring here at 35°C ;-). Sunny greetings from Germany!!

Stel said...

22ºC today, in the middle of winter! But I know Europeans are currently enjoying a hot summer. We visited over Christmas, and was blown away by the lovely snow :-)

karisma said...

Oooh how lovely. I very much enjoyed this post and all the scrumptious pictures. I love that your winter is not cold. I dream of living somewhere like that. Not that it gets freezing here according to most but the older I get I cannot seem to handle the cold. My bones have been in a bit of pain this year. So warmer pastures sound very inviting. :-) Your holiday sounds wonderful. I am heading off on Monday morning in search of warmer weather, not loving my chances at the moment as I hear its just as cold where I am headed. LOL Love the picture of the shop up there, how gorgeous is everything? I could see myself owning such a shop. Knitting and crocheting all day. Yep sounds lovely. Take care, hugs xoxox

Stel said...

Thanks, Karisma.
Enjoy your trip! You know where to find me should you ever come down south :-)

Lynne said...

I am always fascinated by your pictures of South Africa, keep 'em coming! You have a LOT of great hooky projects going on there. Hope you get some cooler weather so you can wear some of them.