Friday, 29 November 2013

Help is needed, real help

Terwyl ek wroeg oor Eerste Wêreld-probleme soos watter hekelprojekte om saam te neem op vakansie, die sukkel met die nuwe foon, watter Boobi Brown-oogskadu om te kies, is daar mense wat swoeg met Regte Probleme.

Soos om voer vir hul diere in die hande te kry, want daar is niks meer in die veld nie.

Soos om water vir hul diere in die hande te kry, want dit het nog nie hierdie jaar gereën nie, en die boorgat is droog.

Hier is gewoonlik man-hoogte mielie/sonneblomlande.

While I'm struggling with First World problems like what crochet project to take on holiday, getting used to a new phone after my upgrade, what Bobbi Brown eyeshadow colour to choose, etc, other people are facing Real Problems.

Like getting feed for their cattle, as there is nothing in the veld.  

Like getting water for their cattle, as it hasn't rained yet this year and the borehole is dry.

These should be fields of man-height maize/sunflowers:

Dry land, Kameel
Source: Noordwes Droogtehulp @ Facebook

Boere in die Noordwes-provinsie het letterlik nie meer die fondse om voer aan te koop nie.  Hierdie foto is uit 'n helikopter geneem in die Mefeking-Bray-omgewing.  Daar is niks meer voer in die veld nie; geharde, inheemse bome gaan dood, vee soek desperaat na enigiets groen, enigiets om te drink, voor hul vrek.  Twee en tagtig karkasse is hier getel. 

Farmers in the North-West Province literally do not have the funds to buy feed for their cattle.  This photo was taken from heli between Mafeking and Bray.  There is nothing left to feed on; indigenous, hardy trees are dying, cattle search desperately for anything green, anything to drink, before they die.  Eighty two carcasses were counted here.

The face of drought
Source: Facebook friend

Hierdie is Suid-Afrika se vleisbeeswêreld, jou Texan- of Blou Bulsteak.  Dis sonneblom- en mieliewêreld.  

Hulle het niks om te oes nie.  

This is where South Africa's prime veld-reared  beef comes from, your Texan or Blue Bull steak.  This is sunflower and maize country.

They have nothing to offer.  

As jy kan help, 'n donasie wil gee, gebruik asb die besonderhede hieronder.  Hul het reeds of is in die proses om PayPal ook op te stel.  

If you can help and want to donate, please use the following details:
(Apparently they are set up for PayPal payments as well).

Cash donations and donations of feed can be made to Agri NW as a representative organization of Agricultural producers in the NW Province. Agri NW is registered as a non-profit organization with registration number 930005516 ....
All gifts and donations received will go to the best judgment of Agri NW exclusively distributed and shared.
State your name and contact information when electronic payment is made and specify the payment as Drought relief.
Offers of help can feed directly by e-mail or phone Agri NW Main Office communicated to Marlize Fritz at 018 632 3612 or NW account details;
Agri NW
ABSA Lichtenburg
Branch code 632005
Account number 990142955
Cheque Account. 
Any other inquiries can be directed to Agri NW Executive General Manager Boeta du Toit 082 388 1722

Kyk ook na die FB-blad Noordwes Droogtehulp

Also have a look at their FB Page Noordwes Droogtehulp (mind it is mainly in Afrikaans).

PS - PayPal


Gerlene said...

My liewe genade Christelle. Die wereld is DOR.

karisma said...

Oh my goodness. Wish we could send along some of our rain. We were in drought here for many years, water became restricted and costly. The past year or so though we have had a turn around, despite bush fires of late we followed up with flooding and plenty of rain. Not that I wish flooding upon anyone but rain would helpful. Sending out some rainy vibes and prayers for relief. xox

Stel said...

It is really bad. Yesterday, farmers on the group started donating feed from Magaliesburg & Aberdeen. Other are providing trucks/transport for free.

Stel said...

You're from Aus , Karisma? ("bush fire"). The you'll know. And the irony, in Gauteng we're hit by thunderstorms with hail the size of tennis balls and even larger in some areas. Lots of damage the last two days. And lots to those who especially can't afford it.

Jodiebodie said...

Your bi-lingual post is most appreciated. The world's environment and food security are so fragile! As Karisma alluded, Australia has just been through a very long severe drought. The drought broke just in time to prevent catastrophic damage to our major river system, the Murray-Darling basin. We are still not out of the woods and there is focussed discussion on managing water and environmental resources to try and prevent the system from becoming so vulnerable due to over-use of resources by humans. Wishing rain and support for your farmers.

greenthumb said...

We to have so much drought in Australia. So very hard for all who live on the land.

Stel said...

Yes, you Aussies would also know. We lived in Brisbane in 2005/2006, also a dry spell. Just after, I think, my cousins weren't even allowed to wash their cars, no water was to be wasted like that. Plus Aus has the problem with salinity.