Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Everyday (11) - Stormy summer nights

Storm clouds building up.  We have terrific, electric thunderstorms in Gauteng.

The Christmas tree is in the shape of a baobab, around the corner of one of my favourite coffee shops, Tribeca Standard, where we yarn-bombed a girl on a donkey on International Knit in Public Day.

(And this is what the whole tree looks like)

PS...and this a real baobab, not even a large one.  One of my absolute favourite trees in the world.  This one I encountered near Musunda village in rural Venda, ± 1998.

Tiny me in front of the tree.


Hazels Crochet said...

This is really fascinating to see, I have never seen anything like it before.... so pretty!

Stel said...

They are truly magnificent - breathtaking to see the really large ones.

Gerlene said...

What a wonderful world.

Penny said...

I saw loads of baobab trees when I last went to Zimbabwe, like you I adore them. This is a brilliant African Christmas tree xox Penny

Stel said...

As a kid, we once had a sweet thorn tree - Acacia karoo - all yellow blooms and magnificent white thorns. Beautiful Christmas tree!

Heldasland said...

wow, i've never seen this before it is stunning to look at