Friday, 11 April 2014

Thank goodness it's Friday.


I say it every Friday, as the weeks rush past, especially during the first three months of the year. 

But today I say it with feeling after a hard and fast first term, a hard and fast week.

We survived Ironman.  

After being terrified by an 8.5K prospect (I thought it was going to 5K, then realised it was 8.2K when I registered, which then magically turned into 8.5K at the start...), I managed to finish in 64 min.  Great time for this unfit hooker!  My husband finished his race in a respectable 13h 53 min, after a gruelling afternoon on the bike leg. 

Family Botha, doing their thing

Done & dusted, roll on 2015!

So after rushing back, wading through loads of sweaty laundry, catching  up on a missed day's school work, getting report cards hamburgers depositing kids in front of their Wii - I'm taking the rest of the day off.  

I had a loooong breakfast with a friend - 

We really did have a healthy, carb-free omelet beforehand

I'm (still) working on a turtle oven mitt for my aunt - 

I don't like pentagons that much

I'm reading about love, murder and the TRC - 

Set in a post-1994-South Africa.
"Everything is a thousand shades of grey"

I had a haircut - 

Trying but not succeeding to show off my grey streak à la Rogue

I'm wondering what I'll write about for Blog Week

Visit her blog and join up for Blog Week!

I'm contemplating beanies for forthcoming Baby Berry -

A few colours and patterns fighting for the waning attention span!

I might just collapse with a chocolate and do nothing.

Roll on hunting season - I want to sit by the fire and have time to crochet.


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

yap! relax and crochet! don't forget a good cup of tea or coffee !!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Stel said...

Reached my limit - 3 cappuccinos before 11 am...

Anonymous said...

Well done Iron Family Botha!

Julie Corbisiero said...

Hi Stel, thanks for your visit to my blog and leaving the nice comment about the dish or washcloths I crocheted. Yes I love a quick and easy project to crochet. I love your pentagons you made and wishing you a nice weekend.
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

Gerlene said...

Julle is super.

Mary Ylisela said...

Stel, congratulations on competing and such a great race time! I used to run half-marathons while I lived in the US. Here in Germany, I guess I've developed a love for slower-paced exercises. :) Your pictures are wonderful and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm going to add you to my list of blogs to read regularly. Thank you for sharing it on the link-a-long at ! I hope to see you again at this week's link party!

Happy in red said...

That's madness. I dud triathlons as a junior, but nothing like this. You rock! I also read Southern Cross and was immensely impressed!

And on that note... I am coming to South-Africa next week!! It's the first time and I'll only have a few days as I'm working. But I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!!!

Stel said...

Whohoop! I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip. You might be surprised by how familiar people might look - half of us being Dutch descendants, and you might be able to follow Die Taal as well.
As for Southern Cross...just couldn't get into it. Might leave it for later, as there still is the hidden stash of ±150 in the drawer under my bed...