Tuesday, 15 July 2014

But which one shall I make?

I realised I'm living in total denial about the amount of work to be done before my sisi arrives from Ireland next week, that my boy needs to build a tower structure for school, that I have uncountable WIPS, one of which Must Be Finished when said sisi arrives.

Because instead of doing anything, I'd go the avoidance route and gaze at the yarns in my cabinet, 'specially this one...

See how soft and squishy (and bright) this is?

(See how soft and squishy you can edit an out-of-focus photo?)  

So I ignored all calls to responsibility and set about on a Ravelry search for projects in this specific yarn...I opened so many tabs I almost couldn't see them.  

Here's my longlist of 7:

All of them.  I want to make ALL.

I asked the ladies at Ons Hekel what they think I must do...seems nr 3 and 7 are the front-runners!
Mmmm...I  do have plans...since I have more than just the coral...but that's for another day.

What would you do with bight orange malabrigo?

Have you made one of these?

Help a sistah out.


Haafner said...

Love all of them! However & coincidentally, I actually made #4 as a gift and the receiving party was quite happy with it and wears it a lot. It was a pleasure to whip up, and I want to make one for myself as well! (Come to think of it, never showed it on my blog.)
Well, not sure if this was helpful at all ;-). But which ever pattern you go for: It will be lovely for sure!

Have a nice evening & have fun with your sister next week!

Jodiebodie said...

"Procrastinate now!" hehehehe
What nice yarn - I love orange (as you can tell from my blog!)
I agree with Haafner. They ALL look lovely. I am admiring #3 at the moment - possibly because I have been admiring some lovely poncho styles being worn around my neighbourhood so perhaps my brain is tuned in to ponchos right now.
I also like #7 because it seems very versatile.
But if you are pressed for time, the appealing thing about both of these styles is that they are very open and should be quick to work up because of that.
Good luck with your choice. I am sure Sisi will love whatever you make.

Stel said...

Nrs 3 and 4 seems to be the favourites! But I think I know where I'll be going :-) not pressed for time on this one , though...this is what's been drawing me attention away from more urgent matters!

karisma said...

I think it would stunning in number 7.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Hello Stel! So nice stopping by to visit with you! I have just had the nicest time perusing many of your posts. Such a lovely blog you have. Looking forward to visiting again as I am following now :)

Kindly, Lorraine

Stel said...

I actually have something similar to #4 on the hooks! It's been left to the beck of my stash because I had to wait for a new lot to be dyed...hopefully it will see the light before the end of winter.

Stel said...

Thank you, and welcome, Lorraine.

Pradeepa said...

I love 3 and 4. I guess you would have started your project by now.

Annie Cholewa said...

That is gorgeous yarn! I can't really help re. the decision - I'm not much of a crocheter - but 3 and 4 would appeal most to me when it came to wearing them. Happy hooking whatever you decide :)