Friday, 29 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt, July

I love random, "useless" information, lists and collections, and since finding the Photo Scavenger Hunt via Jacqui's blog, originating from Postcards from the PP,I knew I was going to keep the list of items in the back of my mind.

No competition, no purpose to it other than becoming more aware of one's daily surroundings, and it's so interesting to see how others interpreted the list.

So I duly kept my eye open during my daily wanderings, and the mobile phone ready.

(I love love love taking photos with my little old Nokia.  Its 5 megapixel camera is probably already dated, but I swear it takes better pictures than our big camera, and it's great with close-ups. A bit battered!)

So my photos will always be coming from the mobile, and once in a while, there'll be a gréat one.

Here goes, for July:
  • a flag
I recently rediscovered my liking for knitting and learnt to crochet, so was quite happy to find a knitted version of our flag, of course, on a rugby supporter's scarve, being World Cup year :-)

  • a kite
How difficult could that be, especially when having  a short holiday by the sea?  Very!  So I had to resort to a puzzly puzzle flying against a blue Tupperware lid sky.

  • celebration
It was Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday on July 18, and our country celebrated by spending 67 mins of our time devoted to some form of community service.  My boys and I cleared their bookshelves and sent 17 books to two sisters in small village, who started a reading group for children in their community.
The photo depicts the poster of an Afrikaans daily newspaper, saying "Happy birthday, Madiba".

  • fields
Aloe fields in Reebok, south-western Cape, with Mossel Bay in the background.

  • flip flops
...Mzansi style!

  • ice cream
..on the beach. Vic Bay, George.

  • red, white and blue
A lovely crocheted blanket, handmade by a women's group in KwaZulu-Natal, for sale in Parys, Free State.

  • seashells
A little tower built while playing with the boys at the Point Mossel Bay (visible from afar in the Fields pic)

  • something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)
Browsing in second hand shops! (My sis lives far far away in Ireland, hence the interest in this sign...that was not for sale).

  • stars
An old petrol station signboard, also found in the second hand shop.

  • strawberries
Now tell me this doesn't remind you of the strawberry fairy?  My first attemp to crochet a beanie (with a lot of help in the end).

  • stripes
On an old quilt that my husband's late grandmother made in her younger days. It is a beautiful piece and I shamelessly told MIL that I want to inherit it one day!

This was fun. Waiting for the next list.


Kathy said...

Your photos are amazing ... it's so lovely to see your part of the world. I love your flip flops!!!
Thanks for joining in!

Alison said...

Thank you for such lovely pics - I really like the fields one.

Patrice said...

Great photos - love the knitted flag! Visiting from Postcards from the PP...

Kristen said...

Lovely photos! Your country looks beautiful. :) That striped quilt is very inspiring.

Gerlene said...

Very creative! Hoe onthou jy lysie?? Baie oulike manier om jou meer bewus te maak van jou omgewing. Love it.

Julia said...

Baie cool ... ek gaan binnekort iets met jou deel waarvan jy baie gaan hou ... :)

Jane said...

i want those flip flops sooooo badly , lovely pictures

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, the striped quilt is lovely.

Petunia Pill said...

I do so enjoy the tour of the world that one gets via this monthly posting of finds from the "hunt". Yes, yes...I TOO want those flip flops! They're quite different from anything I've ever seen! And I loved your story of the community service project. What a lovely thing to do as your contribution! And what a great way to celebrate his birthday! Lovely photos, all of them! Annette

Sandra said...

Just popped over from Postcards from the PP... You have some great photos - I never manage such good ones from my phone camera! Love your take on the kite - I had to give up on that one - and I really like the one of the shells, that looks a gorgeous beach across the fields. The quilt is very special - can see why you have staked a claim!

Glo said...

What a wonderful variety of photos ~ I too love the flip flops and seeing your creative needlework! Great to see another part of the world.

Eileen said...

I love the flip flops. Great set of photos!