Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ravelry Blog-Along 1

Doing this post in English as I joined in on the Ravelry Blog Along, compleeting a list of ten patterns from July 2011 to July 2012. Bearing in mind the shortness of my attention span and my , uhm, poorish organisation, this might be quite something to try and achieve, but here goes, with my list!
  1. Blanket for Baby M (done!)
 For this blanket I used Lucy's Summer Garden Squares pattern. I added one extra round to make the squares a bit larger. The plan was to do a nice and neutral blanket, as the baby's gender is still unknown, but a bit of waiting for my LYS and the unraveling of half a joined blanket later, it turned into a bright red blanket! It's actually done now, ready to be mailed and sent off to Kenton-on-Sea on the east coast of South Africa, waiting for Baby M to be born. I really liked doing this square pattern and will definitely do up some more in this (more about the 'history' of this project in my previous blogs, although in Afrikaans).

2. Bunting flags from a pattern in Country Living UK (June)

3. Mug cosies (2)
I have actually completed 2 of these, but want to do 2 more for my boys' tin cups we use when camping.  A bit difficult to find a pattern that will fit our cups, so will have to play around with that until I get something that works.

4. Vintage Stripe Blanket (biiiig project, actually started with it already…)
When I started crocheting in April this year, this was the pattern I started with, found also via Attic 24 (it looked quite easy, and actually is, and you would be astounded by the mistakes that I made...). But. The blanket is about 60 cm done already, but put aside for awhile to give me time to complete a few other things. Must make a Big Decision about it, actually, and then project nr 4 might actually change to...a Ripple Blanket...doing a lot inspired by our girl Lucy :-)

5. “Knucks” fingerless gloves (knit)
Our Highveld winters can get quite cold and dry, and this year I decided I wanted a pair of fingerless gloves (yes, and now the worst of winter might be over!). But I'll my needlies and yarn with met when I visit MIL next week, as she is quite a knitter and might be able (willing?) to help this novice.  Now I can't find the link to the pattern, but it is the Knucks featured on Ravelry. 

6. Hanger covers, lots
My sis and I decided that this year's Christmas present will mostly be handmade and small, therefor, a few females will get nicely covered hangers this year. The pattern I found is actually written in Norwegian, of which the Google translation is quite interesting to follow, but the pictures are good and should be easy to follow. 

7. Sunflower garland (have to refine that pattern)
I want to make  sunflower garland either for my kitchen or our little beach house.  There are many patterns available, but I'm not entirely happy with any of them, so I'm busy figuring one based on two others, which I will share when I actually get it figured out!

8 Figure out and do a protea flower
Ditto, as above! Except that there doesn't seem to be a protea pattern in existence, so I'm already making a novicy plan there :-)

9 2 pillows for the beach house
Easy.  Same pattern as in nr 1, the Summer Garden Squares, and I will use acrylic yarn available now with a Learn to Crochet magazine.

10 Round cushion for my old wrought iron chair
I was looking around for patterns for round cushions, when I came about Alice's Granny Mandala tutorial.  So this shall be used for the top part of the cover, exactly what I wanted!

11 Green flowery scarve
Yes, actually 11 patterns, and this I will leave for last, it can be ready for next autumn.  Also from thr Learn to Crochet magazine.

So there! I will update on this Blog-Along once a month, the first Sunday of the month.  Not much pictures today, sorry!   I negotiating the New Editor again, after some pains. Very much the beginner-blogger, me.

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Janine said...

Love this posting, most informative, followed the link to the "summer garden squares" oooh so pretty. Lets see the full blanket you crocheted, I love your colours, but can't see it all. Followed some of the other links too, now I have found some more blogs to follow. Have a lovely weekend. Lv Janine