Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - January 2012

Yeay for Photo Scavenger Hunting time!

(Have a look at Kathy's page Postcards from the PP for more).

Last year I took my PSH photos with my oldish-falling-apartish Nokia Navigator, that actually took lovely photo's. I particularly liked how I could take photo's right into the sun and get great results.

But then my phone drowned.  In a teaspoon of water. Sealed in a ziplock bag that had a tiny tiny tiny opening.


So now I got my replacement (thank you thank you thank you that it was also contract renewal time) and after almost 4 weeks I'm still figuring out the iPhone 4S something something.  Huge leap for me.

I decided to try and find photo's for all the clues during one weekend when we went camping (erm...make that glamping, since we upgraded to a chalet at the last minute).  So all my photos are related to our weekend at Mbizi Caravan Lodge.

People... If you are in South Africa and like "soft camping" while looking at a giraffe walking by - that's the place to go.  If you're from elsewhere and plan to visit one day - please do.  It's malaria free, near the Waterberg, 1 hour from Pretoria and kids love the place. It's a 5 star caravan lodge, which means even when camping with your little tent and no added camping luxuries, like us...you could still have a private bathroom...is in't that the absolute best??

So. Here's my Apple snaps, no retouching, and apologizing in advance if they're turned all upside down...I have since learnt to snap away in portrait mode, as no matter which way I try to rotate, it won't go there.  Will be right next time.

  1. "2".  The number of the chalet next to ours.

2. "Blur". Learning that it is extremely difficult to blur with an iPhone! My boy wanting to start the campfire one afternoon (I think we tried this almost 10 times)..

3. "Company".  We had company overnight, track of a young kudu cow.

4. "Entrance". Main entrance to Mbizi Caravan Lodge

5. "In my bathroom".  Oh my, which one to choose.  In the end, this one, erm...two.  The bathroom at chalet nr 3 :-)

Taken from the massive freestanding bath, in the bedroom, towards the huge private outdoor shower.

...and from outside...

(Sorry. Just had to add this.)

6. "In season". Mangoes. One of my favourite fruits ever.

7. "In the distance". Driving towards Mbizi.

 8. "Mess". The state of this blanket.  I made it 20 yrs ago for my husband and will have to restore and renovate it sometime soon.  

 9. "Information".  layout of the caravan park, indicating stand positions etc. 

10. "Odd". A warthog and her little ones.  Must be one of the oddest animals, especially when they run away, squeaking, with their tails like antennae in the air!

11. "Soft".  My Rainbow Ripple, that I finished that weekend next to the swimming and campfire.

12. "Warning". Love this. Look at "Speed limit". That's another reason to go there.  

And that's it!.  It was a lovely weekend, while the thunder roared and hailstorm broke, we were very happily not sitting in  tent!  Hope to go back soon.


Louise said...

Great photos and that really looks like my kind of camping!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos! I just love that bath.

Patrice said...

Great shots - love Odd!

Petals and Vintage said...

Fantastic photos and so interesting. x

greenthumb said...

Great photos, what a bathroom.

karisma said...

Fantastic pictures! There is an award for you at my blog. :-)

Eileen said...

A great set of photos. I love your 'blur' one - very clever.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics
I have nominated you for an award today

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love that old quilt!