Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One-(Ripple)-A-Day...or Klaar! Die Reënboog Ripple / Rainbow Ripple

(Ok...technically this is not a One-A-Day post, but since I showered you with my ramblings and cussing during the making of the Rainbow Ripple, I thought you'd like to see The End of it!)

Wie het gedink dat hierdie dag ooit sal aanbreek!
Onthou, toe ek met die ywerige entoesiasme van die oningewyde met my Ripple begin het...

Who would have thought that this day would arrive!
Remember when I started out with the Ripple, all unbound enthusiasm...

Dit het semi-goed gegaan, die kleure was pragtig, maar o!, die gesukkel om die randte reguit te hou!
It went semi-well, but oh!, the struggle to keep the ends neat!

Ek het regtig van hierdie kleure gehou, mmm, miskien moet ek tog weer die kombinasie nadersleep.
I really liked these colours, mmm, maybe I should try the combination again for another project.

En toe trek ek alles uit.  Alles.  Kon net nie die randte reguit kry nie, kon dit nie red nie.
En ek begin weer oor.

Dit het gehelp dat ek weer begin het met 'n kort vakansie by die see.  Daar's net iets aan die branders by Kenton-on-Sea wat die senuwees kalmeer as die kombersie weer so hoog soos 'n duin voor jou lê!

And then I frogged. All of it.  Couldn't get it right, could save it 
And started again.

It helped that I started again during a short trip to the sea side.  There's just something about the waves at Kenton-on-Sea that calme the nerves when the prospect of this blanket started looming like the highest dune over you!

Maar toe begin die strepe en kleure, bergies en valleie bymekaar kom.  Ek het die olyfgroen uitgehaal, en die res in reënboogvolgorde gedoen.

But then the stripes and co,ours, peaks and valleys started to come together. I discarded the olive green, and arranged the rest in a rainbow. 

Skielik is daar eendag net 3, 2, 'n laaste ry oor!  En die berg is oor, die Ripple klaar! Ek was so bly dat ek dit net daar laat lê het, kon nie eens dadelik lus kry om los drade weg te werk, of 'n randjie the maak nie.

Maar dis nou ook gedoen.  My Reënboog Ripple is klaar, met 'n rooi randjie, en is supermooi en supersag en ek het nie gedink ek wil ooit weer so iets doen nie.
(Daar's klaar weer 'n Ripple in my kop...).

And then, one day, it was finished! I was so overwhelmed and relieved I couldn't even bother to weave away the ends or do something about the edge, I just put it away.

  But is done now!  My Rainbow Ripple is finished, with a red edge, and it is super pretty and super soft and I thought I never want to do anything like it again .
(But already there's another Ripple being planned...)


Ek het besluit om die reënboogbande rug aan rug te doen. En met die tweede rondte die ligpienk uitgehaal, want dit was nie helder genoeg nie. En een heldergeel strepie vergeet!


I decided to mirror the rainbow bands.   And took out the light pink, because it wasn't bright enough. And forgot one bright yellow stripe!

Ek lief dit.  Oor 7 weke gaan dit Hartenbos Huisie toe :-)

I love it.  in seven weeks, it's going to The Little Beach House :-)



Suzanne said...

Mooi! I love it, to mirror the colors is a pretty smart thing to do. I still want to make a cotton ripple for long summer nights, but I am on a yarn diet. I really need some new yarn before I will be able to start this thing. A well, I will just have to stare at yours! Makes me feel happy!

Prettee Craftee said...

Love it! Well done x

Anonymous said...

Your blanket is beautiful and the colours are just perfect

Gerlene said...

Christellie dis so mooi. Kan nie wag om daarop te sit nie! Of daaronder. Ek hou van "foute" soos waar jy die heldergeel streep vergeet het. Karakter. Welgedaan.

Grateful4Crochet said...

This is just the most beautiful blanket!!
I love it!
And the photos on the beach are lovely

karisma said...

Oh there is something about yarn, sand and feet ALL in the same picture that makes my heart sing! (nice to see I am not the only one who takes pictures like that hehe!) The blanket is stunning! Well done!

Fi - Teacups and Tiskets said...

...and I love it too!

The red border is perfect. (I can see why you don't have time for menu planners - to busy making beautiful crochet heirlooms!)


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Wow! It is gorgeous.

linda said...

Your blanket is beautiful, I love it :)

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Who would have thought such a lovely blanket could cause you such trouble! It looks great in the end though.

Love that picture by the beach too, lovely sea, sand, toes and crochet - how perfect!

S x

Rosangela said...

Rosangela do Brasil...
Ficou linda sua ripple.
Adorei as cores.
Já estou lhe seguindo, venha me conhecer...

Laydilyke Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh I love your ripple. I wish I had made mine more rainbow like.

Nana31 said...

I love it! Beautiful bright colours and I know how frustrating that ripple can be! Get it wrong and its a horrid thing but when it comes right, it just sings away as you ripple along! All is forgiven and you love it again...

Barbara Smith said...

Beautiful blanket and beautiful colors! I think it was the right decision to start all over again, it's so frustrating to work on a project that just doesn't turn out the way you want it to! And now look how beautiful your second try has turned out... :)