Friday, 16 May 2014

An unexpected Malabrigo Friday!

As it sometimes goes, you wake up from a nightmare at 04:00 and after you've dropped the kids at their school, the day is already 4 hours old and you're ready for a nap.  

Too early for that.

So you settle for a great cappuccino and and orange & almond cake for breakfast.

Lucky Bread Co, Brooklyn Mall
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This is my go-to for cappo in the mall.  I practise my very rudimentary, broken French greeting on Kyria and Bastien, and teach them the same in Afrikaans.  Bastien complained that the locals couldn't pronounce his name, so I told him to just say "Basjan" - they'll get it then :-)

Then I had to take a stroll through the bottomless trap that is Exclusive Books and walked out two books the richer...oh, the guilt.

A promising novel and 45 poems
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Books is never a bad idea.

But I was actually after mind space, so off to I love Yarn I went, to sit down for a bit of hooking and catching up with Elaine's trip to New York, and Stephni's AfrikaBurn.  Alas, the moment I walked in, I noticed, in the corner , like a moth to a flame, north pole to south pole magnet...


Now that is not something that is easily found in South Africa (see here)  I've previously managed to get my hands on two skeins via my good sis, from a shop in Dublin. And wouldyabelieveit, we meet again!

In seconds I hand four skeins in my hands.  Don't know what I'm going to do with it; but it's soft as a cloud, and in beautiful bright colours!  Scarves/cowls, most likely.

Colours of the sea

Very fine, very soft raspberry

By now I was a bit manic, so into the basket went ...

...more blues and greens for The Great Romany Blanket V.2


...just to try out something for the future summer blankets for the boys...

and  also

...some aquas from I Love Yarn, for a planned myasthenia gravis-awareness snowflake scarf...

Feel Good Friday, they call it :-)

No guilt, no, none at all.


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

So happy to know you can find these yarns where you live!!!! You know, in few months I'll be much closer to Pretoria, as we are moving to Maputo, so…..;oD
xxxxxxxx Ale

Lynne said...

What a great yarny post! That raspberry color is gorgeous. Nothing like a coffee and bookstore browse to start the day. Have fun playing with your yarn!

Stel said...

Maputo! That's just around the corner! Although I've never been there. My husband keeps pestering me for weekend there. Must make a plan.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Yes, why not??? ;oD
xxxxxxx Ale