Saturday, 17 May 2014

My crochet - Looking forward

This is the third time that I'm looking back to where I started crocheting,  what I've learnt, how my work developed, and it is always interesting. 

I've learn't that even though I make lists, I might not necessarily stick to them :-)

I've learnt that my tastes change quicker than the weather.

I've learnt my tastes stay the same. 

I'm too impatient for amigurumi.

I've learnt how to hook from a diagram!!
(Goal 2012 and 2013)

Two Japanese Crescent Moon/Mezzaluna shawls completed and gifted!

As a reward, I bought the Japanese book with the original pattern, as well as two more!
Because this pattern can be quite the frustration, I have coloured the diagram row by row and wrote a full set of notes in Afrikaans, but sit on it as I can't make contact with those holding copyright.  Quite the frustration, trying to communicate via Google Translate and I'm not getting very far with Amazon Japan in getting to the publisher to obtain permission.  Anyone who can help? 

Does this also count as "something to wear"?  Or beanies then?  Because I got a bit stuck there, on last year's nr 3 :-)
But, as always, I have Grand Plans.

My group, Ons Hekel, remains a joy. It is a closed group now due to ever increasing spamming and the like. It is growing on a weekly basis, and although numbers were never the goal, I am astounded at how the craft is growing, how many people want to learn to crochet and join up with groups meeting all over.

A few members opened shop in the last year, both in brick and online and nobody can complain about the availability of great quality yarn in South Africa. 

Alternative yarn has exploded on our group, and between Anneke (T-yarn), Ronel (T-yarn) and Hilda (T-yarn and netlon) we are SO inspired by their ideas! 

Two members are organising South Africa's first Yarn Indaba, and we are counting the days while crocheting blocks by the 100's for their Great Yarn Bomb . Crocheters from all over the country have sent in piles and piles of squares to used in blankets, which will afterwards be donated to various charities.

Many, many members of Ons Hekel are involved in various charities country-wide, delivering blankets, beanies and shawls to the aged babies, those in need, those who are sick.  We have a list of all these so members can choose where to get involved.  I wanted to pursue and promote these groups more actively, and this is a definite goal for the next year again. 

A new goal...keeping my Ravelry profile up to date.  I regularly browse around and look at patterns and ideas, but am terribly bad with uploading my own info.  After searching for months for a pattern I once saw, I finally found it, by my own queue.
Nuff said.

I'll try to slow and steady update the huge backlog, as it is a nice record of what you've done.  And of course, immediately get going with the new attemps ;-)

So here it is, then:

1. Continue developing Ons Hekel ('headquarters' will be moving, so lots of new people to meet!)
2. Ahem...something to wear, yes.
3. Complete. Those. Blankets. (Quite a few WIP's there).
4. Ravelry. Keep it UP.

It's been a great year.  Roll on April 2015!


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I still remember all your pictures about the mezzaluna shawl!!!!!
I think your group ONS HEKEL is great place were to be!!! I hope to meet some members soon!!!!
congratulations and xxxxxxxx Ale

Jodiebodie said...

These are great goals and congratulations on reaching some of them. I can so relate about being too impatient for amigurumi - I get sucked into their cuteness and then while I am in the midst of fiddly frustrations, remind myself not to do another one and I remember until I see the next cute project! My goal was to keep up with blog week this year, but I am running late. I really like your post here as it is a great insight into your activities - you are so active with your crochet and I love that. :-)

Natas Nest said...

Fantastic shawls! ♥ Thanks for the link :-). Greetings & have a good week!

Stel said...

Looking forward to that, Ale - would be lovely to meet you at last!

Stel said...

Thanks, girl :-)
I just didn't have time to really get ready for this year's blog week - last years I had most of my posts written, or at least drafted, in advance, will aim for that again next year. I usually like the challenge, to get you thinking in a different way on what/how to write.
As for the amigurumi...I found a very simple, flattish teddy bear pattern...I might venture back to that!

Haafner said...

What a great post! It's amazing how SA has become a yarn heaven. Wish I could visit the Yarn Indaba! The mezzaluna shawl is still on my todo list... Lovely to see it popping up again!
I love how created an online crochet community - the only times I regret I'm not on Facebook is when I read about Ons Hekel...

Have a wonderful week!


Haafner said...

how *you* created. [sigh] Pressed Publish too soon once again... ;-)

Stel said...

Thanks, Haafner :-)
The mezzaluna...yes. I will do it again, for myself, but I must confess that the Cassandra that I'm doing now is so much easier! Also a beautiful crescent shape.
As for the Yarn Indaba - I will do a full report back. We might put it on the tourist map next time!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you perhaps recommend an amigurumi class or course in Johannesburg?