Monday, 12 May 2014

That day in the life of the Berry Beanie

The little Berry Beanie started as an idea, a celebration of a baby to come.

It was to be for a girl, it was to be a pretty thing, with a beautiful pattern and deep berry colour.
That it was to be a Berry Beanie was incidental and perfect, as this is their family name.

This first yarn choice of Imagine by I Love Yarn didn't work, the colours weren't right. 
Then, a great red was found amongst the beauty of Bambi by Vinnis Colours.

Vinnis Bambi, colour Coral

The texture of the yarn did't suit the pattern, so a basic beanie pattern was used, and it worked out nice, with a simple scalloped edge.

But then, one day in April, with exactly one scallop to go - the baby was to be no more.

Almost done

The little beanie is waiting now, waiting for that last scallop to be made, the end to be worked away, and will then go on to another baby, a baby who might desperately need something as simple as a beanie, for whom this might be their only pretty little thing.


Beatrix Snyman said...

Sjoe Christelle, dis baie hartseer as iemand 'n baba verloor. Jou post bring herinneringe vir my terug. 3x was die teleurstelling daar tot die dag wat ek 2 beanies gelyk kon voltooi :-)
Dankie vir jou beanie

Happy in red said...

Aww, that's such a sad story. I hope the beanie will go to a lucky baby soon.

Stel said...

Een vir my ook, lank terug.

Stel said...


Jodiebodie said...

That is a sad story. There is no grief as deep and profound as the loss of a baby.
While I feel great sadness about what happened, it is uplifting to know that Berry Beanie will warm another heart (and head!) I like the way that grief turns to hope in your story.

Annalize said...

So 'n mooie beanie! So hartseer! Dankie vir die deel!

Anonymous said...

so hartseer. hoop die beanie kom eendag by iemand spesiaals uit.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I have no words…. such a sad ending for a start full of hope…
hope a new baby will come soon,
hugs and xxxxxx, Ale

Bren said...

Nou't ek lekker getjank... xx