Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Mzansi 14/5 - Bush camp

at the farm with the tall trees
a little boy's playground is open and wide
there's a tame buffalo calf who comes when you call
- she's a royal little thing -
golden wildebeest
a sable antelope with perfect half-moon horns
and a phantom white kudu roams the dam wall

African Buffalo - they're cute when they're small


Jodiebodie said...

Fascinating! My daughter has a special interest in wildlife but I hadn't heard of a kudu before. Thank you for teaching me a little about your African animals. I wonder whether you will post more animal photographs one day soon...

Stel said...

The above are all rare animals, Jodie, genetic deviations and therefor collector's items. Definitely not for hunting! Astonishingly beautiful to look at. I have some animal photos, not to good, as I usually snap with my phone, but sometimes you get half lucky. Will have a look.