Friday, 25 April 2014

A nice surprise on this Friday

Earlier this week I admired Haafner's Doilified Rug, then linked her to Anneke's new doilie rug pattern that is just as pretty. Anneke might just be single-handedly responsibly for a T-yarn revolution in South Africa, with her beautiful doilie mats that she photographs on the beach, on the rocks, on holiday in Italy...I wrote about her and her crochet work here.

Yes, she took her yarn to Positano

Yesterday, a crochet friend asked to meet me quickly at Pure (our local favourite coffee/crochet spot) - she was bringing me something from someone far away...imagine my surprise when..



A doilie mat for me!

How nice was this?

Now I'll be spending the afternoon walking through the house, deciding where to use book toilet?  No, guest room...or my work room...a new room each week?

In the kitchen/living room now

Thank you so much, Anneke!

Visit her blog at Crochet in Paternoster.


Anonymous said...

you're welcome Stel!
we really appreciate all your effort with your facbook page "Ons Hekel"

Haafner said...

Hey Stel,
That's a gorgeous mat, love it - and what a sweet present indeed! BTW, I love what you did to that cappuccino, haha. And thanks for the kind mention and of course for directing me to Anneke's site.
Enjoy your weekend, Haafner

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Lucky girl!!!!!! ;oD
xxxxxxx Ale

Stel said...

Thanks, A, I do actually love it :-D