Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Mzansi 14/4 - 20 years

Today is Freedom Day.   Our democracy is 20 yrs old and we're celebrating it, but it's a hollow celebration.

Many things have changed - many for the better.

In 1994, I was a student. I had full post-grad scholarships. I got a job (and worked damn hard), built a house, bought others, moved overseas - came back, travel for leisure, my kids are in great schools.

For millions, nothing has improved.  

Those are the millions who had promises made to them - who still live in shacks, who still carry water in buckets, who still have no toilet, who still matriculate with a worthless education, who still can't get a job.

Our Waka had his promised RDP-house stolen from under his nose while patiently waiting for government - we helped him build his own and get access to agricultural land.

They were promised better schooling - between Waka and Liesbet 8 kids are attending schools where the union has an iron grip, and teachers are the ones loafing. At least we can help with stationary and books.  One is graduating from uni this year, one finished a diploma.

Our Nr 1 is building a R247 million mansion and claims not to be wasting money

These are the promise makers, and next week we'll have to vote for one of them:

Election Day - 7 May 2014

But don't fall in a pile of hopelessness!
(We're not :-)

Here's the great story of how we got our beautiful new flag.

Ps. Where were we pre-1994?
See these movies:
Cry, the beloved country
The Bang-Bang Club


Happy in red said...

I feel very fortunate vistibg your country exactly this wee. Have visited Soweto and today kwaMishu in Durban. I see hope, I see a country in transition. It has been 'only' 20 years, remember that. This country has so much potential, I am hopeful.

Stel said...

Indeed! This is what makes it such a great place: that despite all, despite the very vocal negativity of many, there's always hope, always cheer, a smile, a plan.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I really love your political posts about your home country. They are full of hope and they give us an idea of where you are living : thank you (even for movies titles!) !!!
xxxxxx Ale

Stel said...

:-) Never a dull day in SA. We might not like everything that's happening, but some form of excitement is never far off.

Jodiebodie said...

I must agree that getting a taste of the real South Africa from someone living there is invaluable for those of us outside the country who want to know and understand other cultures. News and media only give a small part of a picture. Never give up hope! It's great to see that there is a lot of hope. Good luck with your elections. That is something to be pleased about - the opportunity to vote. The fact that there are great number of parties and candidates shows enthusiasm for making progress in South Africa. Thanks for sharing the posters. It is interesting to see which political issues are hitting the headlines in the polls.

Stel said...

Thanks, Jodie! We are ± 50 mil people - you might just get 50 mil opinions :-) But is always an exciting place to live.