Saturday, 19 April 2014

Buying crochet

Although I crochet myself, I also love buying crocheted items.  I buy at farm stalls, markets, bazaars - if it's pretty enough and beautifully done, and especially by a community project, I will support it, and try telling people about it. 

So I was again happily surprised to find lovely items at the new Johannesburg Kamers Vol Geskenke ("Rooms full of gifts").  Kamers always has a selection of beautiful products that you wouldn't find at any other second market, so it is a treat to wait for the annual  Pretoria event, brace your credit card and enjoy a morning of a visual feast plus great food. 

Here's my loot, found at lapoplap:

A cookie/rusk basket, but it will live in my closet to hold my watch and rings.
(It's about soup mug sized)

A bread basket (± large plate sized) that might migrate between the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom.
(Lourette says hers lives on the toilet cistern and hold toilet paper, room spray etc)

And wrist warmers!
I was going to hook some myself, but why bother when you can buy nice ones?

Lourette du Preex is the brain behind these Stellenbosch-based products that include beautiful embroidery on kitchen and home decor that are functional and beautiful.  Most of it is crocheted in cotton string/twine, with accents in Vinnis Nikkim

They're also on Facebook.

There were also utterly beautiful handbags to be found at the stall of Yarn Over Hook, who unfortunately, but understandably, does not allow photographs.  Have a look at their Products page, do not be deterred by the homepage.   I loved the Cami and Jenna handbags, but then...the Stella has my name!  I'm sure they also had shawls and blankets, all beautifully made in lovely colours.  Find them also on Facebook.

All in all - a good day out!

(The Dad entertained The Boys with cupcakes and craft beer for himself :-)


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Beautiful findings Stel!!!!!!
Have a lovely Easter weekend, xxxxx ale

hobbyloes said...

De broodmand is leuk!!, Zoiets heb ik nog niet eerder gezien.
Fijne Pasen,
Groet, Loes

Stel said...

Thanks, Ale, blessings to you too.

Stel said...

You can use it to prove dough (lined with cloth), or to hold a round bread or rolls. It is even microwaveable, should you want to heat the rolls. Don't think I'll try that.

Anonymous said...

Pragtige hekelwerk. Daai mandjie neem lank om te hekel!

greenthumb said...

Slouch pretty things you have found.