Monday, 10 October 2011

One-A-Day (6)

"I don't know why they call this frogging", I moaned to my husband, as grrrrrr grrrrrr grrrrrr went the 32 rows (ROWS!) of my Ripple. 

"Grrrrrrr grrrrrr grrrrr" went my Little Man, just like a frog.  I got it. 

Yes.  I frogged ALL of my Ripple. *

From this:

Tried to save the first two rows, so I wouldn't have to go through The Foundation Chain of Hell I promptly made a mistake and had to restart. From scratch. 

Not once.

Not twice.

FIVE times.  Five times I chained and rechained before I got it right, and can proudly now say that I've GOT it and The Ripple II is going along just fine. 


I am so far now:

(Blood-red, burnt orange, light peach.  Looks a bit funny here.)

I am just so happy that this time I GOT it, and I'm getting my valleys and hills in place and managing my last two stiches in the top chain etc. And I got to discard the olive green that was bothering me, plus the very pale dusty pink and two of the cheap superacrylics, so now I'm continuing just with Pure Gold.  Nice and soft.

SO I need to ask - how do you manage the foundation chain? I followed recommendations from both Lucy and The Happy Hooker - first hooked a bit loose, then tried using a bigger hook, and then, big revelation, hooked in the Back Loop of each stich, and it was just so much easier, and neater, and Easier.  Took me the whole of "Source Code" (watching the dvd with husband) to get through 199 stitches, and absolutely happy with it. (Loved the movie. Love Jake. He'll probably get a fit when hearing that somebody hooked through the movie :-).

Also got 30 African Flowers in the mail, off on their way to Potchefstroom :-) where they'll be waiting for more flowers from here, Cork and Potch:

Thank you for sitting through this rambling.  Thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post.  Hilly T, I did see you green edges as well, and its looking so nice and fresh.  This CAL is really worth it, doing some hooking every day, writing up a post, and then sharing in the progress. I love it.  Thanks for participating and sharing your ideas, feedback, support etc. 

(Have a look at other participants in One-A-Day at Gingerbread Girl's blog every Tuesday.)

*What was wrong...I  somehow missed the loast two stitched in the top if the chain and the end of the row, somewhere (hooked one day in the beginnig without my instructions).  Then couldn't get my peaks and valleys aligned, and the one edge of the work ended up looking ...rippled, while the other side was perfectly straight.  Couldn't fix it, it just got worse. Had to throw in the towel/blanket.


Janette said...

Oh no, I HATE having to frog anything (and I too had no idea why its called that), at least you are back on track now... good luck this week!

Barbina said...

Oh, I´m sorry to hear, that you had to start again! This is always hard for me to rip off all the work I have done. I hope everything is fine now and your blanket is going to be wonderful!
Have a great week! Barbina

Suzanne said...

I must admit, I had the same thing with the ripple blanket. And I thought it was such an easy pattern :p. However, I didn't give it as much energy as you did so respect!

Carole said...

Glad you are back on track with your ripple. I didn't find it the easiest pattern to use - too much counting I think and so easy to go wrong without realising.

Rainy Day Crafter said...

That's such a shame that you had to frog so many rows!!! But your newly started ripple looks lovely and that's great that it's all going well now!

I haven't had a go at the ripple yet (it's on my very long to-do list!!), but whenever I have to do a foundation chain for something I always crochet into the back loop - it's SO much easier and I also find it FAR easier to tell which stitch is next so there's much less chance of missing one and having to start all over again! :)

Anonymous said...

I once made a ripple cushion for a friend and also had the nightmarish chain dilemma I think if I did another one I would do what you have done and work in the back bump of each chain a method I only just found, I distinctly remember trying to get under both of those front loops and trying to chain loose than use a big hook and it just being oh so hard I have not tried a ripple since. I'm glad you got yours going though and it's looking so pretty too with those colours

Sarah ~ Crafts from the Cwtch said...

I am in awe of your patience to do it over so many times. Glad you're back on track with it and hope it's plain sailing from here

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have had to rip out your work, I know how i feels I have done it myself so many times this year especially with my round ripple picnic blanket :(
the good thing is your back on track now & your african flowers look gorgeous too.

Juliab said...

Just found your blog - lovely! I felt so much for you when you had to frog your ripple as I know how long ripples take to make. Glad you are back on track. I love the colours you have chosen. x

karisma said...

Oh my! You must have the patience of a saint to start all over 5 times! I probably would have frogged it for good! Hope it goes smoothly for you from now on.

I have posted the patterns you requested. :-) Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Awwww I'm so sorry you ha to frog it so many times BUt at least now you know it's going to be absolutely perfect right?! It will look beautiful :-)

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Oh dear... I just started a new ripple and I had to "frog" (I like that expression actually, frogging...) my second and third row 3 times before I got it right. So annoying. Can't even imagine how I would have felt if I had to frog 32 rows! Oh dear my ripple friend. Stay focused, stop for a while and count your 4 in between, your increase and decrease and it won't happen again. Good luck.