Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pop Quiz, Crocheter

Have you crocheted on an aeroplane?

We were talking about it the other day over on my crochet FB page "Ons Hekel".   

Quite a few years ago I could still cross stitch on an international flight (KLM), but that was pre-2001.  Sharp, pointy scissors and all.  Was refused knitting needles in Kenya in 2003, had to repack before I could board.

So - the last couple of months, I tried with a cheapo plastic crochet hook that I didn't mind to loose if necessary.  Also had success with a bamboo hook.  My sis saw someone crocheting on KLM, if I remember correctly (mine were local flights, South Africa).  And this weekend I went live and prepared to sacrifice my steel hook, on a local BA flight...


It went through security, they didn't pull an ear, none of the stewards said/asked anything, so in future I'll be hooking on the plane, a great way to while away the time (with a spare hook in my luggage, just in case...)

Have you tried it?  Will you?  Have you had different experiences with different airlines?


Gerlene said...

The other day I saw the new UK guidelines for what is allowed and not allowed on flights - UK guidelines, not for specific airline. It included knitting needles and up to (I think) 7 cm scissors!!

Kristen said...

Beautiful blanket! The soft colors are so pretty. :)

I have had no trouble in the last few years with bringing my knitting on US domestic flights--haven't tried to fly international, so maybe the rules there are different? They've let me bring metal dpns a few times, all different airlines. Nobody bats an eye.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I've had success with plastic hooks on the plane. I didn't want to risk my metal hooks.

When I fly, I try to take a project that only uses one colour, to avoid needing scissors.
I wonder if I should risk small scissors next time... :)

Bren said...

I take my metal hooks on domestic flights. Have had absolutely no problems with it.