Monday, 3 October 2011

September Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ah, Scavenger time, I really like this.  Going about my day with the list in the back of my mind, focusing a bit more on what's going on around me.

Some aspects of this month's Scavenger Hunt was a liiittle bit more difficult, being at the southern end of the globe, we don't do things like "Back to school" and "Harvest"...but look what I came up with.  As always, taken with my little old Nokia mobile.

1. Back to school

We're on spring break now, but when school starts again next week "Mam said these books MUST be covered!"... So there.  Back to school in a week's time!  

2.  The football/soccer season

Ah! Last year we had the SWC in South Africa, and what an event! Football...we don't really do, but then, we have...Rugby. Yes, in a capital letter, because for some it's an obsession.  And as I type, the Rugby World Cup is under way in New Zealand, and our boys have so far made it to the quarter finals where they wil meet Australia...eeew!  Quite ambivalent about next Saturday, will be a great match, but...not entirely sure how the Boks will do.  In the meantime, I'll be wearing my Bok T-shirt on Bok Friday, and my car is wearing this:

3. What's in you bag?

Uhm...a bit of an embarrasment, when you empty out the bag...the usual keys, wallet, tissues, diary, pens, lipstick, bubblegum...and then we get to inhaler (sinus), emergency stash of Mestinon (I have ocular myasthenia gravis), plastic teaspoon? Too many receipts for coffee, movie ticket (when to see 'One Day' and loved it), discount vouchers, plastic shopping bag, sweety wrappers, coin, Gautrain cards (oh, we love the's the first highish speed train in South Africa, between Johanneburg and Pretoria, and comparable to the train between Heathrow's T5 and the other terminals. We ride it like tourists :-D). And the bag, a love leather Fossil, gift from my sis.

4. Relaxation

Having tea in the back yard early one Sunday morning.  Yip, we have cookie cups for breakfast.

5. A pile of things.

This was almost going to be embarassing (again), but luckily I came up with a pile of hearts earlier this week!

6. Your desk

Ah yes. Left is mine, right, my husband's.  I could easily have done The Pile from here.

7. A public telephone box

This is not really a public phone, but it was in public :-), as I walked past a second hand shop the other day.

8. Something taller than you

Now this I love.  A new statue/sculpture-thingey that was erected in Hatfield recently, and I go around it's little roundabout on my way to gim.  It's made of iron, and if you look carefully you can see the tiniest figures in it. It's huge, easily 10 m tall. 

9. Apples.

In the supermarket.  With the Smurfs promotion (opened this weekend in RSA).

10. A road sign.

My Little Man brought these road signs home from school this week, just in time for me.

11.  A view from above.

The Gautrain and Metro-rail tracks, outside gim, Hatfield.

For some reason, these pics refuse to be turned in any way.  Makes for good neck-stretching :-)

Now off to look at everybody else's pic, you can find it on Kathy's blog.

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Kathy said...

Hello there! I think you're the first blogger I've met from South Africa. Isn't blogging wonderful.People from all corners of the world can meet up and chat so easily. I love your take on the Scavenger Hunt, just ever so slightly different from the UK! Thanks for joining in!