Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One-A-Day a.k.a. The Rebellious Rainbow Ripple

Tuesday again!  Time for a One-A-Day progress report (slow).  We were away for the weekend and I crocheted on the plane, on the beach, on the verandah with a lovely view towards a lagoon (that made up for my snail's progress)*.

Weeks since I started :  10?

Numbers of times frogged : 1 (whole blanket), 3 (some rows)

Rows completed now : 19

Colours : 10, ±5 more

I am now aiming to just. Get. The. Sides. Straight.

That entails finishing and starting with only 3+2 stitches (as opposed to 4+2 in the pattern) and following the peaks and valleys as I get to them. Sometimes with 4 stitches between them (as per the pattern), sometimes with 3 (as not per the pattern).

As long as the final row remains more or less in place and semi-straight on the previous one. 

I am SO not frogging again :-)

(I actually like the colours, it looks sooo nice, the rainbow.  If I can just finish this thing! I do like the blanket, I know it will be pretty, on the back of the denim-covered couch at The Little Beach House).

Next week I'm going to blow you away with my mindboggling speed and accuracy ;-)

For other lovely projects and some real progress, have a look at the Tuesday Tallies over at Carole's blog, Gingerbread Girl. There are some looovely things to behold (good luck with your ripple, Barbina...).

* If you're in the mood for some Geography...search on a map, for Kenton-on-Sea in South Africa. What a beautiful place. 
Hint: Eastern Cape, halfway between Port Elizabeth and East London.
Or just Google!


Candace said...

Love your colour choice.

Like you I struggle with straight ends on a ripple and sometimes find I only do 3 tr instead of 4 to get the blanket straight.

RugbyMad said...

Love the colours. I have to admit that my first attempt at the ripple didn't go as well and I am yet to frog it. Just keep going you get into the ryhtm and then it plain sailing.

Grateful4Crochet said...

It looks beautiful! Good luck with it

karisma said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures! I was planning to take pics when were away but my poor camera was stuck in its bag most of the time. I especially love the beach shot. Simply divine! The ripple is looking fantastic, you have made great progress.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos what a great place to be crocheting. Don't worry there are some mistakes in my ripple too I just fudge it in the next row.

Bella Bee And Me said...

Ouchy at the frogging, it is painful to do after thinking about the man hours you put in to get to that point. But sometimes there's just no other option.

I'm not quite sure I understand why the sides still aren't straight if the pattern is followed. But I am a complete stickler at following a pattern!

Colours are lovely and it's looking gorgeous though!

Kier x

Kepanie said...

How come you frogged the blanket?
It's so lovely. I especially like those greens and yellows together.
Glad to know a crochet hook can be taken on a plane. I have yet to try crafting on one.