Thursday, 27 October 2011


My sus het nou die dag op Ons Hekel vertel van 'n ou gehekelde tafeldoek van my ma, fyn-fyn gehekel met bruinerige garing, gedoen deur gevangenes van die Kroonstad Vrouegevangenis, doer seker in die sewentigerjare (ons ouers was albei in die destydse Gevangenisdiens).

Ek het 'n soortgelyke tafeldoek, seker dieselfde patroon, maar in wit garing:

My sis posted the other day on Ons Hekel about a crocheted tablecloth that belonged to our mom, finely crocheted with a natural-brownish colour thread. It was done by inmates of the Kroonstad Womens Prison, sometime in the early 70's,I think (our parents were both officers at the then Dept. of Prison Services).

I have a similar tablecloth, with the same pattern, I think, but in this white thread:

Julle!  Kyk hoe fyn. 

Die motief is 6 cm.
Daar is 19 x 19 motiewe...=361. 
Die eerste rondte lyk soos 20 (twintig!) langbene (ek probeer dit tel met 'n naald se punt!). 

Hoe groot is die hekelpen waarmee hierdie gedoen is?  En hoe lank het dit geneem?

See the fine detail??

The motif is 6 cm.
There are 19 x 19 motives...=361. 
The first round looks like 20 (twenty!!) (UK) trebles (I tried to count with the point of a needle!). 
Imagine the size crochet hook needed to do this.  And how long it took?

As kind was ek nie erg oor die tafeldoeke nie, maar nou dat ek leer hekel, kan ek waardeer hoeveel ongelooflike moeite daar ingegegaan het. Vakmanskap.

As a child I didn't really like it, but now that I'm learning to crochet, I can appreciate the beauty and absolute workmanship that went into it.


Suzanne said...

What a beauty! I also use to think that crochet work like this is outdated, but I now admire all the work that is in such a project.

Carina said...

Stunning - such a treasure. Love it!

So glad I found your lovely blog.

Carina x

Gerlene said...

I can't but help to think of the prisoners who so (?) patiently did the work. They probably could never take an end product for themselves, but did this in the daily workshops. I am reminded of that by other lovely things in my house that they made, like a jewelery box. And the grandfather clock in my sister's house. As an occupational therapist I know at least it gave them a chance to participate in "meaningful occupation" while in prison. Imagine if they were not allowed to do anything. And now we treasure their handywork.

karisma said...

Its lovely! My daughter has all our old ones. She had a fascination when she was quite young so I stored them all and gave them to her when she left the nest. I just love all the work that goes into the lace work and yes we can appreciate it much more when we crochet ourselves. :-) I have to admit to only taking up crochet a few years back. My mother in law tried to teach me when I was much younger but I preferred to knit. LOL

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

I love these thread crochet things and dream of making one at some point, but goodness, imagine the time it would take!!

S x

Kathryn Vercillo said...

Great vintage heirloom!