Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One-A-Day (8) or, The Recovered Ripple

Joy, oh Joy, I've made it through 1 set of rainbowish colours and managed to suppress the rebellion!

Am going to use these 14 colours throughout.  Some look a bit funny here...the slushy grey beneath the cerise is actually a light dusty pink. Anyhow.  I'm happy so far, but I need to take a little break from this Ripple. For one whole week I'm not going to touch it and just get on with a few other things and ponder the following...

How To Continue?

Shall I go all random now, as planned from the beginning, and end with another rainbow band, mirroring this one?

Or shall I just repeat rainbow bands?

OR shall I mirror each band as I continue?

Meanwhile, I'm going to finish this:

Flowery Squares for a little something for a Curly Girl's room.  It's so quick and easy and a lovely thing to do while watching the World Cup Final ;-)

And I want to share these oldies:

My friend Stel got a box full of doilies and other crocheted thingies, made by her grandmother, even a crocheted apron!  What to do with all of these?  My Little Beach House got lucky and got the two round little table cloths, as well as the apple green place mats. I'm trying to convince Stel to use the white doilies with purplepink edging on pillows for her Ballerina Girl's bedroom.  Nice to re-use these old pieces.

Enjoy your week!  Have a look at the others' posts over at Gingerbread Girls's blog and I'll join in again in two weeks' time.


Anonymous said...

Goodness u have been busy!! I'm very much a random sort of person so I would say random :-)
I love ur little collection of old crochet items so beautiful.
Loving the. Plots of your ripple blanket too. I look forward to next weeks update

Anonymous said...

Ohh your ripple does look lovely! Wishing I Just got a box full of crochet goodness, Ill love to see what you come up with for them all. J

Kashi said...

I love the rainbow, I think you should keep repeating it.

* said...

I like what you've done so far with your ripple, I do like rainbow things though. I'm not sure how easy it is to be random, unless as I read somewhere else you close your eyes when you pick the next ball. I have done some method in my granny stripe as I liked the rainbow merging more than the contrast when I actually tried. Have a fun couple of weeks!

Ali said...

I love your ripple so far! I'd probably keep with the same rainbow pattern, now you've started it and they all look good together. I love random too, though, so really don't think it'd make it too much difference ;).

I love your flowery circles too :)

Carole said...

Having just done a rainbow ripple I would say go random as I got bored knowing what colour was coming next!

It looks great so far!

Natasja said...

I love the flowery squares! And well done for seeing the ripple through, it's worth it!

Barbina said...

Your ripple blanket looks fantastic. I love your colour choice.
I would say go on random, it is always fun to see how the different colours match together.
Your flowery squares are so cute, like them!
Have a wonderful week! Barbina

Deb Hickman said...

I love the colours of your ripple blanket, I've just started one and love doing the pattern. Beautiful squares, I think random always looks good.xxxx

Sherrie said...

Love your colors for the ripple! Those doilies are beautiful. Glad your re-using them. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Anonymous said...

I love your rainbow ripple, and the vintage doilies are gorgeous. I'm very jealous! Judy x

Anonymous said...

I think random and than finish with a reverse rainbow so the blanket starts and finishes with the same colour. it's looking great. oh goodness look at all those vintage crochet things heaven!

karisma said...

Oooooh so much yummy eye candy! I think even random me would go with the same rainbow stripes here. They go so well together. :-)

Candace said...

Lovely ripple and the colours look good. I personally think repeat the rainbow effect.

Your flower squares are pretty too.

Enjoy your week x

LeeAnn Purtha said...

I like the rainbow! I would personally do it reversed next but I'm sure it would look lovely with whatever you choose! Keep it up! =]

Joanne said...

Your ripple looks fantastic, I love the colours. I would repeat the pattern but that is because I would spend to much time picking the next random colour! The vintage crochet is wonderful, what a treasure trove.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Your rainbow ripple looks super, you have chosen lovely bright colours, looking forward to seeign what order you decide on next